In 2022 the UK had less affordable housing than ever before, and it seems the situation is only getting worse.
Other countries across the globe are taking action… What can we learn from them?

Rents in the UK are at record highs, house prices match this and mortgage rates raise everyday as interest rates go higher to ease inflation.
Even with the British Government trying to ease the pain with an extended stamp duty cut and capped social housing rent rises the average renter and buyer are still left with an uphill battle.

So what are other countries doing that we are not?!


  • Blanket rent freeze
  • Eviction ban
  • Introducing several innovative solutions


  • Housing First
  • This is an initiative that has been active here and in other Scandinavian countries for years now, helping all Finns have a roof over their head no matter their circumstances
Affordable housing, what can the UK learn from other countries?


  • Canada have several initiatives for marginalised groups such as the ‘Ontario Aboriginal Housing Service’ that aids different cultures to have a say on pricing and management of properties in their area.

Republic of Ireland

  • Similar to Scotland Ireland have introduced:
  • Eviction bans
  • Rental freezes


  • Students facing eviction in Denmark have been moved to the water. ‘Urban Rigger’ use old shipping containers to create homes floating on the coast.
  • This idea also aids the country with their climate change issues and climate change contribution.
Affordable housing, what can the UK learn from other countries?


  • Renters between the ages of 18 and 35 have been receiving a payment of €250.00 a month to use for rent payments since Jan 2022. This is called the ‘Youth Rental Bonus’.
  • Tax on empty homes has been risen to 150% to promote the quick and affordable renting of properties.
  • Spanish government signed off on a mortgage relief package which will help homeowners extend their loan repayments for up to 7 years if they are paying more than 50% of their monthly income on these payments.

So we know that countries around the globe are taking action. What should we be doing in the UK?!